Step 1 : At the bottom left of our website, you'll see a blue coloured button, click that button and the membership pageĀ will open.

Step 2: Choose 'Join Now' to sign up.

Step 3 : You will receive an email to confirm your email address. In the email, click 'Activate your account'.

Certainly not and its free to join. In fact, you will get 300 SP points just for signing up and 500 more SP Points for following and sharing it on social media channels such as Instagram.Ā 

Its your birthday! For that, we will send you a birthday gift of 200 SP Points on your birthday month!

Sign up: 300 SP Points

Place an order:Ā 1 SP Point for every RM 1 spentĀ 

Follow on our Instagram: 500 Points

Birthday Month: 200 Points on the 1st of the month

Referrals : RM20 coupon for both of you

1. Free Shipping Coupon for 800 SP Points only
2. RM10 off Coupon for 1000 SP Points only

3. RM25 off Coupon for 2000 SP Points only
4. RM40 off Coupon for 3000 SP Points only
5. RM70 off Coupon for 5000 SP Points only

Yes, we do!Ā Every referral entitles you and your friend a RM 20 off discount! (RM 20 for you, RM 20 for your friend!)

Simply open the membership page, sign in, then scroll to the bottom and you'll see a link you can send to refer your friends!

Upon every successful earning(s), you will receive an email containing the number of points you earn. These points can be redeemed instantly.

Simply open the membership page, click 'All rewards', then click 'Redeem'. You will receive a unique discount code that you could use on your next order! Click 'Apply Code' to copy and use the code instantly.

Worry not, you could email our customer support team at and they will help you out within 48 hours.